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Richie Allen

Vice President of Viticulture and Winemaking
Rombauer Vineyards
Q How did you come to the Santa Lucia Highlands?
A By tasting the wines - over and over again. When we tasted blind, SLH stood out for all the right reasons, depth, concentration, balance, and purity of fruit.
Q What's your earliest wine memory?
A Sitting in tasting rooms, called “cellar doors” in Australia, when I was about seven years old, while my parents tasted. It was so so boring!
Q What's your favorite pairing with Pinot Noir?
A Pinot with duck confit
Q What's your favorite music to listen to during crush?
A '90s Rock.
Q What's the best part of being a winemaker?
A You get to make something with your hands.
Q What do you do for fun when you're not working?
A Rock climb, mountain bike, and play with cameras.
Q If you had to sum up your winemaking philosophy in three words...?
A Simplicity makes better wine – that’s four but you get the point.
Q What are you drinking these days?
A At the moment, Roar and Lucia Pinot.
Q If you didn't make wine, what would you do?
A Cinematographer.
Q What do you drink after a long day of harvest/work, that is not your product?
A A cold beer in a hot shower.
Q What is something that few people know about you?
A I love movie camera lenses.

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