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Kamee Knutson

Senior Winemaker
Talbott Estate- Sleepy Hollow Vineyard
Q How did you get into the wine industry?
A Completely by accident! I aspired to be an architect and attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo’s School of Architecture. In my second year, searching for an elective class, I stumbled upon Intro to Winemaking. I had a grand vision of my future with a Knutson-designed home in a vineyard. What better way to learn how to design a house in a vineyard than to learn about vineyards? At the end of the quarter, I discovered that winemaking was architecture with different inputs: grapes, terroir, barrels, and fermentation kinetics replaced timber, bricks, and elevation plans. I changed my major and never looked back.
Q What do you do for fun when you’re not working?
A If I am home, you will find me in the garden, ever perfecting my oasis. If I am not home, you will find me traveling the world in search of gorgeous views, delicious meals, and inspiring wines.
Q If you had to sum up your (life / wine) philosophy in one definition...?
A Table time. Definition: creating opportunities for deep conversations around a table with old and new friends, with flavorful meals and stunning wines.
Q What wines are you drinking lately?
A I spent the early part of 2022 working a vintage in New Zealand. The wines of Aotearoa have become a new, lovely obsession.
Q If you didn’t do what you did, what would you do?
A I would be growing and blending tea. I have a deep addiction to delicious black tea.
Q What is something that few people know about you?
A I moved onto a sailboat when I was 10 and spent the next 8 years sailing and exploring the world with my parents.
Q What do you drink after a long day of harvest/work, that is not your product?
A I always have a bottle of bubbles open in the fridge or I drink a bright, refreshing Hendricks Gimlet.

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