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James Hall

Founder / Winemaker
Patz & Hall
Q How did you get into wine?
A I became interested while in college. I was working in a restaurant, and started tasting good wines, so decided to change majors and study enology at UC Davis.
Q How did you come to the Santa Lucia Highlands?
A I met Gary Pisoni in 1997, the first year I made a SLH wine. Patz & Hall has been making Pisoni Vineyard Pinot Noir ever since. One of our longest grower relationships.
Q Why do you make wine from the Santa Lucia Highlands?
A The grapes grown in SLH are excellent and I love working with them and introducing wine lovers to the region.
Q What is your earliest wine memory?
A Tasting Port at my sister’s wedding in the South of France when I was 12.
Q What is the best part of being a winemaker?
A Working with growers to produce great wines. It takes a lot of effort and patience to make wine. It’s very satisfying to see years of effort come together into something that give people so much pleasure.
Q Did your family have wine on the table when you were growing up?
A Yes, occasionally. I remember Almaden being in the house as it had cute animals on the back label.
Q What do you drink after a long day of harvest/work, that is not your product?
A A beer.

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