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Dean De Korth

Bernardus Winery
Q How did you get into wine?
A I was bitten by the wine bug as a child during family trips to Napa and Sonoma.
Q How did you get involved with the Santa Lucia Highlands?
A After moving to France where I spent a decade learning the language, attending Lycee and University and working for wineries in Burgundy, I returned to the Monterey Bay Area and was eventually hired at Morgan Winery, Talbott, David Bruce and finally, Bernardus.
Q What do you love most about the Santa Lucia Highlands?
A I feel the style and quality of our grapes, along with the extraordinary beauty of our area is unequaled anywhere!
Q What do you do when you're not working?
A Play the guitar and ride my motorcycle.
Q What is your favorite pairing with wines from the Santa Lucia Highlands?
A I love Chardonnay with seafood or by itself and Pinot Noir with just about everything!
Q What music do you listen to during harvest?
A I let my crew pick the music, so we hear a WIDE variety of music during crush.
Q Do you remember wine being a part of your family's life as a child?
A I am from Capitola, California, so I have memories of Bargetto’s (Soquel) wines when I was young (don’t ask how young!)

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