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112 Acres
Pinot Noir
112.00 Acres

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Joining the Santa Lucia Highlands Appellation in 2021, the Kitewinder Vineyard is a dynamic site for growing world-class Pinot Noir. A rolling vineyard with views of the valley and nearby mountains, the 112-acre parcel combines three distinct elements of a great vineyard: soils, micro-terroirs, and vineyard spacing. The soil is sandy loam, deposited by mudslides that came off the Santa Lucia Mountains thousands of years ago. Their fine particulate structure allows for the vineyard to be very well-drained. Micro-terroir refers to the subtle differences in weather, even within the relatively small space of a few hundred yards. Finally, vines in the Kitewinder Vineyard are densely planted. This close spacing results in wines that are more concentrated and powerful. Clone selection includes 667, 777, 828, 115, and 2A.

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