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Wines Produced:
  • Alexander Smith Chardonnay
  • Alexander Smith Syrah
  • Paraiso Santa Lucia Highlands Pinot Noir
  • Paraiso Santa Lucia Highlands Chardonnay

About Us

If our family is known for one attribute above all else it’s our friendly hospitality. So it’s a good thing we’re in the business of growing grapes and making wine, because nothing makes us happier than sharing the product of our passion and bringing joy to others. What better way to gather people together, celebrate life, relax, smile and laugh than a fantastic bottle of wine enjoyed with friends? Since 1973, when Rich Smith started growing wine grapes in Monterey County, everyone in our family has worked in the business at some point.Today Jason and Jennifer Smith, the next generation, are leading our vertically-integrated viticulture and wine companies with more than 3,000 acres of vineyards. It’s a good thing we have three generations to help!

Santa Lucia Highlands Wine Artisans

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